Kidsbridge Tolerance Museum redesign

Client: Narrative, Digital Media, and Learning course
Time frame: 1 week
Date: October 2015
ProblemProduce Work on Narrative & 2D Design:

You are a design consultant hired to enhance the impact and reach of a digital offering of a non-profit. Find an existing piece of media that advocates for positive social impact. Enhance its effectiveness at educating as well as inspiring its audience to enact its mission by adding narrative elements.

The media formats — of the existing, narrative-bereft work and/or of the narrative rich proposed solution– are up to you. For example, you may find a copy-dense site and determine that it would improved by becoming a digital comic book, you might turn the voice recording of a speech into a digital children’s picture ‘book’, you might transform live data into a dynamic narrative-infused infographic, etc.

The work you post should be a professional-feeling pdf document that outlines your design ideas, showcasing the ‘before and after’ aspect of your work. The proposal should consist of copy accompanied by media samples e.g. your original storyboards/ artwork, your original text pieces and/ or any existing works that provide a guideline for your original design solution. Even if you don’t feel like you are a very ‘visual’ designer, try to pick a medium in which you feel you can be most expressive / effective (for instance, rather than illustrate a comic book, take photos). 

Solution design: Kidsbridge Upstanders design

Future directions/uncompleted elements:

  • I wanted to figure out a way to target older and younger kids a little differently, like “Senior Upstanders” for high schoolers and “Junior Upstanders” for elementary and middle school, but have better names that use terms with less explicit experience ties, and then target the materials appropriately to each age group
  • Flesh out badges, leveling, etc. more thoroughly
  • Deal with privacy issues around having logins for kids
    • need to have parents’ permission?
    • or figure out a way for them to track progress somehow without creating an account (and not invade privacy in other ways)
  • Be consistent about how I’m using the words “learners” vs. “users”
  • Make project objectives more concrete and clearly defined
  • Improve the design proposal layout
    • Annotate the images better
    • Show how forums would look
    • Show how educator resources would look