I'm Nissa (pronounced "nEE-suh").

I'm a learning experience designer, and also a technology consultant.

Here's a little about my work and philosophy for each of those roles:

Learning Experience Designer:

Learning is how we grow and change, how we become inspired, how we spread ideas, how we started doing anything that now feels like second nature to us.

Learning is how we move forward- individually and communally.

So it is crucial that learning experiences be designed well. I'll use proven learning theory and cognitive science to design engaging, effective experiences for your learners.


Technology Consultant:

I work with small organizations, educators, and other individuals to implement new digital tools, and learn to make better use of the ones they're already using.

I'll work closely with you to understand your struggles, strengths and desires. I'll help determine what kinds of shifts or new tools make the most sense for you.

Don't worry, I'm not interested in pushing technology for the sake of technology.

I want to help you make the best use of your resources, so you can focus more on your mission.


Drop me a line with your questions or ideas.


Thanks for stopping by!

Nissa Syverson

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